Advertising parallel market rates on social media or any other platform is illegal. Trading on the parallel market is illegal and also very risky. To find out what the current exchange rate is please enquire with your authorised forex dealer or local bank.

As MarketWatch we are market observers and NOT market participants. We do not take part in any parallel market activities nor do we promote them. Our role is limited to market observation and rate dissemination. The quoted and displayed rates do not in any way reflect any of our own views on the currency market.

We, as MarketWatch, only display 3rd party spreads and will not display exact rates. As a result, we appreciate that these spreads may be inaccurate. We also acknowledge that these spreads are only documented by 3rd party sources for research purposes only.

Zimbabwe like many other countries has a thriving parallel market in many facets of the economy. As MarketWatch, we are only interested in following these markets for research purposes. Documenting these markets better allows us to provide our users with meaningful articles and macro-economic advice.